What is Sea Moss?

Here at the Sea Moss Gel Co we pride ourselves in using the finest quality, responsibly sourced Sea Moss which is 100% organic and wildcrafted.

The sea moss we use is harvested by hand by experienced sea divers/farmers and the same area of ocean is left for 6 months to regenerate more sea moss. This protects the ocean and it’s habitants from too much human intervention.

Origin of our moss

Our Sea Moss is primarily sourced from various tropical islands with exotic climate throughout the year that helps the sea moss grow at optimal temperatures, maximising nutritional value.

Once our sea moss is harvested, it is cleaned and then left to dry under the sun for 3-7 days, depending on temperature and weather. The beauty of sea moss is in its resilience, so it can maintain nutrients and bounce back once restored to its natural state.

 Types of sea moss

Gracilaria, Cottoni.

This type of sea moss is harvested in the Caribbean. It provides a virtually tasteless smooth gel which is the best choice for beginners to use in smoothies. It holds around 92 minerals, being particularly high in iodine, magnesium, riboflavin, iron and potassium. See our benefits of sea moss section for more information. 

All varieties of Sea moss which we make our gels with provide 92/102 minerals your body needs for optimum functioning! All of our gels can also be boosted with a variety of amazing superfoods such as moringa, blue spirulina and bladderwrack! When you choose your moss, you can also select from 5 different range of organic gel boosters to complement the amazing benefits of the sea moss!